Accord Consulting Associates have worked with many Humanity-based Non-profits (organizations that want to, and actually do, make contributions to humanity in many ways — none of which includes profit) while they are not specifically “faith-based”.  We at Accord value the contributions of such organizations immensely.  For that reason we partner with them, providing affordable access to quality management consulting and helping them become and/or remain effective and efficient in pursuing in their mandate.

Whether it’s a camp to help bring joy and some great experiences to children with cancer, an association that is there to help prevent child abuse,  or a community food co-op, Accord is prepared to give them all the help they need.


And once we take on a non-profit to partner with, they get the same attention and care that we give to our major corporate clients.  That’s the Accord promise.

Therefore you can check out all our services and products for Humanity-based non-profits under the Corporations and Management Consulting sections of this website.  These products and services are available equally to both groups.  Accord just happens to have considerable experience helping many non-profits due to the connections and personal involvement with them by its own Associates.

You can count on Accord for understanding the special needs and circumstances of your non-profit organization.