Accord Consulting realizes that it is individuals that make corporations, private and public, for profit and non-profits, faith-based and humanity-based run.  For that reason, it realizes that ultimately Accord can strengthen all our clients by strengthening individuals either while they are part of these organizations now, prior to joining an organization, or after they’ve separated from one.

Some may be on a road to ‘nowhere’.  But we’re not and you don’t need to be.

Accord believes that the majority of these individuals have experiences, skills, and abilities, that with the proper honing and development can be put to use effectively for the mutual benefit of themselves and their potential employer.

To that end, in this section you will find some of the services we provide to individuals.   In addition, many of the services we provide to corporation or non-profit leaders can also be provided to individuals.  So, please browse the entire Accord websites for other ways we may be able to assist you in your personal career.

At Accord, we’ll move mountains to help you find your career of choice.