Hybrid Recruitment

Hybrid Recruitment is Accord Consulting’s new service which is a cross between full-fledged Executive Recruitment Services and Doing It All In-House.  No long contracts to sign.  No large percentage commissions to pay.  Hybrid Recruitment is of particular interest to companies and organizations operating outside of the Greater Toronto  and other major city areas whose candidates may come from the GTA or other major city areas.

Sometimes, your own recruiting process may find one or more candidates worthy of an initial interview.  Companies pay thousands of dollars in airfare, meals, and accommodations to fly these candidates to their sites.  In addition, they spend considerable valuable time of both Human Resources and Line Management to interview these candidates.

Accord’s clients are now able to engage Accord recruitment experts to “vet” these potential candidates for them.  Accord simply charges their low hourly fee plus any out of pocket direct expenses and carries out the initial interview for you and your organization, and then gives you a full written report.  You won’t be spending money on candidates that you had wished you had not brought on site, but somehow managed to get past your paper screening process.  Something that can happen to all of us from time to time, no longer needs to cost you big money.

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