In the various pull-down menu tabs (and off to the right) of this section you can read about our product line of services to clients in both Private and Public Corporations.  Accord’s consultants have a wide range of experience in almost all of the major Management Consulting fields.  In addition, there is a special tab on e-Outplacement (an up and coming tool in providing high-quality and very effective as well as efficient Outplacement services to employees at all levels of the career ladder throughout your organizations.  And finally there’s a special tab on our new service of Hybrid Recruiting — you’ll find that of great interest to you if you’re in remote area and most of your candidates for your vacancies are coming from major metropolitan areas (we could save you considerable expenses in your recruiting process).

We Help Bring Clarity To Your Aquarium

Accord’s Associate have served not only many Private Corporations, but also many Pubic Corporations either prior to joining Accord or since.  We have provided Human Resources expertise in almost all areas to municipalities, provincial bodies, and utilities.  We understand the unique pressures that public managers are constantly facing — both to cut costs and still perform beyond expectation.

With that in mind, all of Accord’s services listed under our Corporations section of this website are provided to both our Private and  Public Corporation clients.

Of particular interest in these economic times is our value proposition to you in the area of “outplacement”:


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