All of the services below are available to private, public, and not-for-profit organizations, including churches.

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Organizational Reviews

Accord Consulting assists client organizations in successfully facing their unique challenges for the future. Through an Organizational Review, Accord helps them become organized and operating in the most efficient and effective ways to best achieve their full potential in the pursuit of their vision and mission. The Accord approach includes a review of current corporate mandate, strategy, action plans, structure, policies, programs, procedures, administration, staff and client or customer relations, etc. Accord consultants, with the client’s agreement, may interview employees and, where appropriate, clients and other stakeholders; review all relevant material; prepare a detailed report of findings; provide recommendations on each; present the results to the appropriate client group(s); and help with the implementation of any approved recommendations.


Strategic Planning Facilitation

Accord Consulting helps client organizations define, develop and communicate their Vision, Mission, Core Values, Objectives, and Action Plans. Working with your essential players, Accord consultants will facilitate the development of your organization’s Strategic Plan for being successful in the years ahead. Accord will help you shape, not only the words, but more importantly, the actions that when implemented will effectively communicate your goals and demonstrate your commitment to the future success of your organization.   (See the details at Corporate Strategic Planning Process.)


Compensation Programs

Accord consultants have extensive experience in the development, communication, and implementation of the full spectrum of total compensation programs and policies. Accord has worked with clients to develop job evaluation plans, job analysis and data collection tools, salary grade schedules, base pay systems, merit & performance pay plans, as well as variable and incentive bonus plans.  We have done this for both sales and non-sales personnel.  We have differentiated rewards with various measures at the corporate, unit and individual results-oriented levels. Where appropriate, and after assisting an organization to determine it’s valid competitive market, Accord consultants have undertaken market pricing surveys on behalf of clients in order to help them establish and implement a pay policy, as well as an actual pay line, for various positions in their organization.

Accord can assist your organization to develop its own customized job evaluation system and salary administration program. This includes not only more conventional job evaluation techniques such as point-factor plans with customized selection and definition of appropriate “compensable” factors, but also the development and use of “competencies” for the purpose of best determining how and when to deliver the performance- and results-related compensation of incumbents, for various jobs.



Management/Supervisory Training

Accord consultants have been developing and delivering management training programs since 1976. Topics include but are not limited to, Supervisors and Discipline; Managing Absenteeism; The Role of Supervisor; Project Management Skills; Time Management Skills; and Dealing With Difficult Employees. Other general topic areas include those of Performance Appraisal and Management, as well as Writing Job Descriptions and Evaluating Positions.

Accord is prepared to work with you to develop exactly the right course outline, content, and delivery method for your needs. Alternatively, the above pre-developed seminars may be readily adapted for your employees.


Policy & Procedure Development

Accord believes that Corporate Policies and Procedures do not have to be long and boring, but they do have to communicate effectively, consistently, and thoroughly. Accord consultants work with clients to review, revise, and develop the necessary policies and procedures which satisfy regulatory requirements as well as the corporate objectives, attract the intended audience, facilitate administration, clarify interpretation, and address potential issues that may arise. More importantly, Accord’s approach to policy and procedure development involves careful attention to the integration and appropriate cross-referencing of all related policies and procedures.

We take special care to organize, communicate, and present those policies to the intended audience, for you, in a way that does not mean you have to republish or reprint every policy each time a new one is added or updated.


Performance Management (& Appraisal) Plans

Accord is experienced in the development of customized Performance Management and Appraisal tools. We help organizations measure the individual performance of employees and focus employee development and training efforts in the required areas for improving performance not only in the employee’s current position, but also in future career opportunities.

Accord consultants assist you in developing these plans to suit the specific needs of your employees and managers in your organization’s unique culture. Such tools can be delivered in the traditional paper form or can take advantage of user-friendly computer software to facilitate administration and multi-use purposes.


Employee Opinion/Customer Service Surveys

Often organizations lose touch with what their employees are thinking, saying, and feeling. Accord helps employers develop data collection tools that are relevant, sensitive to employee concerns/issues (e.g. confidentiality), and efficiently administered. Accord will assist in the development of such tools and will train selected employees to administer these tools. Accord will also serve as a direct-mail site for employee submission of this information on a confidential basis. Finally, Accord will prepare the data for the client, analyze it, offer the necessary and appropriate interpretations based on our experience, and if required, assist management to communicate the collective results to various employee groups and units, and to develop the necessary action plans to address the results provided.

Organizations which utilize “customer satisfaction” measures as a criteria for employee incentive compensation plans, will benefit from Accord’s assistance in developing, distributing, collecting, and analyzing Client or Customer Satisfaction / Opinion surveys. Accord believes such surveys (the methodology of which is developed with just as much care as that of Employee Surveys) not only help Management get a sound handle on where their current customers are with respect to a company’s products and services, but also where they want to be in the future.


Labour (and Employee) Relations

Accord consultants have served as Management Negotiating Team leaders for over thirty years and negotiated hundreds of collective agreements on behalf of their clients.  We will undertake a thorough review of your existing collective agreement and identify areas that you may wish to pursue at the next set of negotiations.  We will train your management negotiating team in the negotiations process.  After a settlement, we will work to help management train its supervisors in the key changes to negotiations and how best to administer the collective agreement on the shop floor as supervisors.

Not only does Accord help clients develop and maintain a workplace environment that is likely not to attract union representation, but it also works with management to help them cope through a union membership drive in their organization.   Finally, once a collective agreement is reached, Accord works with management to help it deal with its administration and any grievances and/or arbitrations that may follow.

Sometimes, employees form Associations rather than Unions and Accord than works with the client to provide the necessary quality employee relations to such a working environment.


Third-Party Mediation

Accord consultants mediate settlements for individuals, associations, and organizations related to both personal situations and work-related issues including severance settlements. As an alternative to litigation, third-party mediation is becoming an ever-increasingly used mechanism for resolving disputes of all types.


Exit Interviews and/or Surveys

Accord consultants assist clients in conducting exit interviews and data collection from employees that have left the organization, regardless of reason. Employee data is solicited by Accord using confidential data collection. Employees are assured that no individual data will be presented to the client, but only integrated data. For that reason, feedback to employers is only provided once a sufficient number of candidates are interviewed or surveyed in order to provide that confidentiality. Accord uses its own set of interview or survey questions for this or will work with the client to revise the process and content in order to best meet the needs of the organization.