Information! Are You Getting It from Your Temporary Employees?

No organization can survive today’s ever-changing environment without the assistance of their employees to tell them what’s really going on and more importantly, how they feel about it. Some time ago CNN Financial News reported that a growing number of companies are asking temporary employees for insight on how to keep their best people. These companies believe that exit interviews with departing temporary workers can provide quite a bit about how to improve internal morale for all. The impressions of ‘temporary’ staff can well mirror that of ‘regular’ staff.

Here’s one question these companies asked exiting temps: “Was there anything missing from the orientation we provided?” The answers will tell you a lot. If there are things missing for temporaries, there may well be things missing for regular staff.
A more important question was “Would you recommend this firm to others as a good place to work?” This is important because, according to the write-up, the next person you hire could be the result of a temporary’s referral. If temps believe a company fosters open communication, manages employees with respect and rewards performance, they are likely to recommend it to others.

Two more questions to think about: “Did you receive the guidance and feedback you required?” and “Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our procedures?” If they answered ‘no’ to the first question, chances are your regular employees may feel the same way and that’s not good! With respect to the last question, remember that temporary employees have ‘been around a lot’ and they may just have come across some ideas out there that you can use. Use their experience to provide you with money-saving and/or productivity-enhancing ideas.

If you need help in establishing an “exit interview” program for both temporary and/or regular employees, we’d like to help you do so.